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The Book for the toolbox of a corporate warrior

The invisible complexity

A book that will allow you to understand why IT and Business sides in every enterprise never seem to get along. Why large transformation projects always fail.  Why there are things like “enterprise architecture” and “legacy systems.” Why exactly software development costs so much and how meme-like buzzwords have come to dominate investment decisions in the corporation near you. 

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What you can learn with this book

Stakeholder Psychology

It is key to deep dive into motivations and desires of every possible stakeholder, both internal and external to the company, to fully understand why different decisions are made and how to influence them.

Enterprise Architecture

Understand how enterprise architecture is driving decisions within the company. Why it is here in the first place. What are the common pit-falls. How you can influence it.

Hidden Costs

Talking about various costs that are hidden within the company and how they appear due to decisions being taken without proper accounting for non-financial costs along with benefits.

About Book

Who the book is for?

This book is intended for middle managers and senior specialists of medium and large corporations, state agencies, and other organizations, as well as for the people who aspire to become them.

A successful career often requires a good understanding of how decisions are made, who makes them, and what drives this process.

The book contains many example scenarios from personal experience in a business domain, as well as multiple very technical examples, especially on various enterprise architecture details. However, all the content is still intended to be read by the person who has only basic training in the digital world.

Technology is driving most of the business decisions in the current day and age. There is no way back, so better get started in understanding what complexities await your company in the future and into what traps your colleagues might have already fallen.

There are many things that shape the constant struggle between IT and Business people in any enterprise. And most of those things come down to us being mere humans and being driven by our own internal motivations and short term goals.

Conway’s law – Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.

{  Melvin E. Conway }

The Invisible Complexity is a great book that provides a new and fresh way to look at the issues that surround us in daily life when dealing with the technology in large enterprises. This is the book I suggest to my friends and colleagues who want to understand more on why different types of decisions in corporations are made, and what drives the people who make them.
Artur Assor
Head of Products and Services, Nortal MEA

Author's Bio

About the author

Martins Untals is a seasoned IT professional. He is now living in Dubai, UAE.

With more than two decades in the industry, he has seen corporate life from various angles – from the lowest possible technical position to the highest IT management.  A professional who has worked on both sides of the enterprise technology world – as a buying manager of IT solutions and a vendor representative selling new system development. He has worked as a Consultant, Business Analyst, Developer, and Architect. In his free time, Martins is passionate about economics, linguistics, psychology, and science fiction.